Maintenance Package 2.7R3.1 Now Available

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Maintenance Package 2.7R3.1 Now Available

Post by qtao » June 4th, 2018, 3:23 pm

GC Image and LC Image Version 2.7R3.1 include critical bug fixes and improvements over previous 2.7 releases.

  • Configure - System Settings has a new backward compatible option for importing Agilent CH files. v2.6b1 or older uses a constant signal unit scale when importing CH files. Newer versions use the scale recorded in CH files.
  • Template - Import Compound List has new default encoding options for CSV files that contain extended ASCII chars
  • Tools - Extract Ions to Areas has a new option for choosing either Gaussian or Savitzky–Golay smoothing type
  • View - MS Cube now adjusts value mapping of color map for 3D Cube automatically
Bug Fixes:
  • Uncaught exception when starting or exiting Review Mode after selecting a blob with Q-Ion
  • Search Library with NIST17 and RI in MS Viewer returned match factors as RI
  • Undo creating areas might remove incorrect objects
  • Formula Calculator failed to find any formula when set the max number of H to be larger than 200
  • MS Cube's control panels did not fit to the available width when resizing
  • Cancel importing or reading a CDF file did not stop immediately
  • Import Agilent MS files failed if there is an unexpected EOF
  • Import Image failed because the drive where an image was saved recently was unplugged
  • Project did not support JEOL data folder with Rbc/Rpc files
  • Project failed to process imported WIFF runs
  • Project - A linked Water's raw data folder is listed as a text file
  • Project could not import a processing method that does not contain a configuration file
  • Method - Manage and browse a method did not list and select the method
  • Tools - Extract Ions to Areas did not use spectral filters for Apex detection
  • User Guide - Embedded video tutorials were broken
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