GC Image 2.8b0 Beta Now Available for Registered Users

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GC Image 2.8b0 Beta Now Available for Registered Users

Post by cheble » June 29th, 2018, 6:16 pm

We are pleased to provide early access to Version 2.8b0 Beta of GC Image and LC Image for public testing. This beta release includes bug fixes, and new features and improvements. The new features are considered stable but may have known problems that will be fixed in the final release.

What's New:
File Support Improvements
  • The software now provides experimental support for importing the new Shimadzu LabSolutions GCD files.
New and Improved Ion Peak Detection
  • Ion Peak Detection is now included in the main software.
  • The ion peak extraction can now be done much faster and with less memory.
  • Various major updates to the algorithm improve detection and noise analysis.
  • Completely new AMDIS-style algorithm workflow including automated deconvolution.
  • Output of the deconvolved spectrum with the Area object's Reference MS field.
New Side-by-Side Image Comparison Tool
  • A new tool for comparing two chromagrams.
  • Uses Match Markers for determining an alignment transform.
  • Compound matching is performed on the two images based on the alignment transform.
  • Various visualizations allow for an interactive analysis.
  • Blob tables and a spectra view are available for reviewing compound matches.
New Investigator Tool for Finding Common and Unique Compounds
  • A new plugin in Investigator for quickly identifying Common and Unique Compounds.
  • Works across many samples for either multi-sample classes or single-sample classes.
  • Utilizes Retentions Times, SNR, and Percent Response; as well as Spectral attributes: Spectrum and Base Peak.
  • Tool shows a bubble plot for visualizing the compounds as well as a table containing the compound data and statistics.
New Investigator ML Plugin
  • The new Investigator ML is a plugin tool for supervised pattern recognition and classification.
  • Supports supervised binary classification for two classes.

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