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Version 2.8R2 and Update Packages Now Available

Posted: November 19th, 2018, 2:56 pm
by cheble
We are pleased to announce the release of Version 2.8 Release 2 (v2.8r2) for GC Image and LC Image. This latest version includes new features, improvements, and critical bug fixes over previous 2.8r1 releases.

What's New: (for GCxGC, for LCxLC)
  • New Support of Pulse Calibration with Centroid Data
  • New and Improved Support of Custom Attributes for Peak and Sample
  • Improved Matching and Alignment Support
  • Improved Support of Project Workspace
Bug Fixes:
  • Import failed to import Thermo FID Raw files
  • Import Thermo Raw files used sampling rates off by one sampling interval
  • Import ABSciex Wiff files used sampling rates off by one sampling interval
  • Import MassHunter .D folders did not prompt to install VC++ 2013 Runtime properly on a non-English version of Windows
  • Import a CSV file did not handle empty headers in double quotes correctly throughout the software, for example, Template - Import Compound List and Project - Import a Sequence Table
  • Library Search - In-Source Hi-Res Batch search returned fewer hits than NIST17
  • CLIC - Included graphics' qCLIC with chemical formula did not work as expected
  • CLIC - STRMATCH function had insufficient description on wildcard matching and did not support escaping with backslash
  • CLIC - functions such as FEATUREATBLOB(1, "Compound_Name") did not work with string comparison as expected
  • CLIC - Round() could not be used in a logical comparison alone
  • Edit - Find Blobs did not support escaping with backslash as stated
  • Project - Process Runs with a method did not apply any File Format options such as Agilent CH Signal Scaling and 2D-LC options
  • Project - Uncaught exception when Auto Process with a sequence table with invalid data path
  • Project - Failed to import sequence table with All Files filter
  • Project - Wrong file chooser title when browsing the data file path of a sequence table
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