Version 2.8R3 and Update Packages Now Available

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Version 2.8R3 and Update Packages Now Available

Post by qtao » February 28th, 2019, 6:31 pm

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 2.8 Release 3 (v2.8r3) for GC Image and LC Image. This latest version includes new features, improvements, and critical bug fixes over previous 2.8 releases.

What's New: (for GCxGC, for LCxLC)
  • New Improvements for Ion Peak Detection
  • Usability Improvements for Peak Review
  • New Hit List Columns in Blob Table for Library Search
  • Usability Improvements for Investigator
Bug Fixes:
  • Import - Import Agilent 2DLC duplicated cuts by mistake when importing comprehensive data with peak-based cutting
  • Import - Negative masses were imported from a Agilent MS file with a mass range beyond 1638
  • CLIC - Uncaught Exception when detecting blobs with a CLIC Filter expression that has a scientific notation with a negative exponent
  • CLIC - ExactMass() cannot be used with non-MS images
  • CLIC - Template Peak's qCLIC with chemical formula did not work as expected
  • Template - Transformed graphic locations were not shown after matching if Interactive Match UI is not open
  • Library Search - Cancel library search might throw a null pointer exception
  • Review - Library Search > Apply Hit List menu was disabled in Review MS View
  • Investigator - PCA settings were lost after assigning classes
  • Investigator - Uncaught exception when switching among PCA charts
  • Investigator - Summary Filter by Compound Name did not work as expected
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