Maintenance Package 2.9R1.1 Now Available

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Maintenance Package 2.9R1.1 Now Available

Post by qtao » August 16th, 2019, 2:22 pm

GC Image and LC Image Version 2.9R1.1 include critical bug fixes and improvements over previous 2.9 releases.

  • Investigator - Faster Refresh after Changing an Analysis
  • Investigator - Support of Comparative Filter for Count Column in Summary Perspective
  • Investigator - Count column in Compounds perspective
Bug Fixes:
  • I/O - Failed to save a SIC or CLIC image if the source image has an amount table
  • Method - New Method from Current Image incorrectly added Skip Baseline Correction step when baseline correction was performed on a MS image
  • Quantification - Calibration Table could not sort the calibrants by name
  • Investigator - Failed to save an analysis created by v2.4 after loading a new image
  • Investigator - The template and configuration of an existing analysis were lost after loading a new image and saving to itself
  • Investigator - Failed to load an image with Spectrum column but without any named blob
  • Investigator - Window did not remember maximized setting
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