Maintenance Package 2.8R3.1 Now Available

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Maintenance Package 2.8R3.1 Now Available

Post by qtao » August 19th, 2019, 11:27 am

GC Image and LC Image Version 2.8R3.1 include critical bug fixes over previous 2.8 releases.

Bug Fixes:
  • I/O - Failed to save a SIC or CLIC image if the source image has an amount table
  • Processing - Run Script with baseline correction recorded current configuration settings in Journal instead of parameters used
  • Processing - Cancel button was enabled although MS Baseline Correction operation cannot be canceled
  • Processing - Local Blob Detection failed if the smoothing factors are too big
  • Quantification - Calibration Table could not sort the calibrants by name
  • Script - Run a script with Local Blob Detection command might not detect blobs at the expected location
  • Project - A corrupted project was saved if "&" appears in a run file name
  • Project - Process Runs failed to process a run associated with a vial that has ".csv" or ".xml" at the end of its name
  • Investigator - Failed to save an analysis created by v2.4 after loading a new image
  • Investigator - The template and configuration of an existing analysis were lost after loading a new image and saving to itself
  • Investigator - Recently used template was applied to another analysis by mistake
  • Investigator - Switching between views in Summary perspective might cause random exceptions
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