GC Image 2.9b2 Beta Now Available for Registered Users

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GC Image 2.9b2 Beta Now Available for Registered Users

Post by cheble » October 31st, 2019, 12:20 pm

We are pleased to provide early access to Version 2.9b2 Beta of GC Image and LC Image for public testing. This beta release includes bug fixes, and new features and improvements. The new features are considered stable but may have known problems that will be fixed in the final release.

  • Import - Support Targeted MS/MS data from MassHunter
  • Import - Support MassHunter IMS by Importing the drift time as m/z
  • Import/View - Customizable MS Dimension Label
  • View - Generate SIC with Adducts (LCxLC edition only)
  • View - Generate BPC (base peak chromatogram)
  • View - MS Cube with 2D View focused layout
  • Tools - Edit Blobs added to Detect/Edit Blob Cursor Mode
  • Tools - Merge Blobs in Detect/Edit Blob Cursor Mode
  • Tools - Exclude Multiple Blobs for Detect/Edit Blob Cursor Mode
  • Tools - Interactive editing the outline of a blob
  • Edit - Merge Blobs in Edit Blobs copies blob properties from the active blob.
  • Method - New Method Commands for Library Search
  • Investigator - Lower Memory Usage for Large Analysis Files
  • Investigator - Increase Speed for Opening Large Analysis Files
Bug Fixes:
  • I/O - Failed to import the MS1 part for a MS1/MS2 mixed data file [I-759]
  • I/O - Failed to save after importing a MS1/MS2 mixed data file with a shorter run time [I-782]
  • View - MS Cube failed with exception on 1D chromatogram [I-790]
  • View - MS Cube uncaught exception for some MS Data Binning configurations [I-535]
  • Edit - Merge Blobs does not update blob groups and constellations [I-792]
  • Method - Detect Blobs step does not honor Auto Library Search settings when Run Method from Image program [I-682]
  • Investigator - Cancel Button Non-Responsive During Open Analysis [I-778]
Release Notes: View the detailed release notes for gcxgc and lcxlc.


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