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Version 2.9R3 Now Available

Posted: March 26th, 2020, 1:10 pm
by qtao
We are pleased to announce the release of Version 2.9 Release 3 (v2.9r3) for GC Image and LC Image. This latest version includes new features, improvements, and critical bug fixes over previous 2.9 releases.

What's New: (for GCxGC, for LCxLC)
  • New and Improved Support for 2D-LC Data (LCxLC Editions only)
  • New and Improved I/O Support for VUV, and Better File Type Selection UI
  • New and Improved Split Tools for Editing Blobs
  • New Log-linear Regression for Retention Index Calibration
  • New Spectral Constraints for Template Matching
  • New Peak Plot for Investigator
Bug Fixes:
  • Project - Run > Process Runs might use incorrect re-sampling rate for interpolation if the modulation period stored in a raw data file was different from the one specified by the user
  • Import - Import and Merge with Cut-by-Cut option failed if the specified run time was less than the start of the last cut
  • Import - Import Agilent 2DLC resulted in wrong chromatogram dimensions if the Interpolation option was selected
  • Import - Import a Sciex Wiff or Shimadzu LCD files with the Multi-Spectral - Range Limit filter returned empty spectra
  • Import - Import Image did not use the selected plugin reader if the file extension conflicted with a built-in reader
  • Edit - Split Blob could create an empty blob
  • Edit - Split blob command was applied to the wrong blob if the specified blob ID is not present
  • Tools - Detect/Edit Blob mode - Filter Blob Outline pushed Undo even if a blob's outline was not changed
  • Tools - Could not remove a plugin if the plugin failed with unexpected exception
  • Template - Show Matching Report option could not be set to default
  • Investigator - Exception when editing analysis settings when no open analysis
  • Investigator - Unnecessary warning when changing current directory by copy-paste during Open Analysis
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