Version 2020R1 Now Available

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Version 2020R1 Now Available

Post by qtao » July 31st, 2020, 11:01 am

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 2020 Release 1 (v2020r1) for GC Image and LC Image. This latest version includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes over 2.9 releases.

What's New: (for GCxGC, for LCxLC)
  • Improved 64-bit Performance
  • Command Line Interface for Batch Processing and Advanced Workflows
  • New Improvements for Retention Index Calibration and Universal Calibration for GPC
  • New and Improved Support for Extracting Ion Peaks
  • New Improvements for Investigator
Bug Fixes:
  • CmdLine - Unexpected exception shown if no valid license when run CmdLine
  • Method - Run Method with Library Search step might use different NIST Library installation in auto processing with CmdLine
  • Method - Run method with Blob Table open caused exceptions
  • Processing - Incorrect noise property values reported for area objects just added to a shifted image
  • Processing - Register Image - Incorrect bicubic interpolation results on loss of precision edge cases
  • RI - Run a method with RI Table and Update option did not compute the correct function immediately
  • RI - Inconsistent persistence for unselected retention index settings
  • RI - Reload empty or invalid linked table removed both table and settings
  • RI - Refresh table button always reset settings
  • RI - Populate button was enabled with a linked table
  • RI - Settings were editable with empty table
  • I/O - Waters Raw Reader MVC++2013 x86 runtime installer was missing
  • System - Migration wizard did not find LC edition installs

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