Maintenance Package R2.3 Update b4 Now Available

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Maintenance Package R2.3 Update b4 Now Available

Post by qtao » June 6th, 2013, 5:19 pm

GC Image Release 2.3b4 includes improvements and bug fixes accumulated over previous R2.3 releases.

Bug Fixes:
  • Cannot select .ms, .ch, .uv files inside a MassHunter .D folder
  • Fail to import a TIFF file
  • Failed to process runs by only correcting baseline without detecting blobs
  • Run Method failed sometimes if a file parameter was specified at runtime
  • Exception when undo loading a template to overwrite existing colored template peak groups
  • Sometimes a GCI file was corrupted by control chars that are not allowed
  • Default VM Setting was not what recommended
  • Delete hot-key did not work when selecting blobs with right-drag first
  • Image Investigator: Pause during Generate Composite Chromatogram when Auto Generating Feature Template causes restart of the step
  • Failed to open 3D View of an image with a tiny data value range
  • Older version could not open a GCM file saved by a later version
  • Always logged an exception when double-click to open a GCI file in Windows
  • Editing Blob Properties opened CLIC dialogs if there is no CLIC expression saved
  • Infinite Loop when importing some ill-formatted Text MS (.gctm) file
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