Maintenance Package R2.4 Update b3 Now Available

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Maintenance Package R2.4 Update b3 Now Available

Post by qtao » August 5th, 2014, 5:32 pm

GC Image Release 2.4b3 includes improvements and bug fixes accumulated over previous R2.4 releases and updates.

  • NIST library batch search now works on XP and Vista without installing VC++ runtime library
  • Better support for importing tab-delimited text files
  • Better forward compatibility for new attributes in Blob Set Table
  • Export LRI Table now remembers the recent folder
Bug Fixes:
  • Import > View a spectrum > Exit, then the program might hang in Win 7 and Win 8
  • Import LRI Table set wrong End Time Index
  • Exception when exporting MassHunter profile data to centroid
  • Odd selection of elements through Periodic Table in Formula Calculator
  • Failed to import and merge H5 files
  • Failed to import and merge with Cut-By-Cut in European-language Windows
  • Import with pixel parameters (COL II =1) included one more column
  • Import Image tried to run an empty method
  • Import MassHunter profile date without centroiding did not convert profile spectra to nominal spectra automatically
  • Could not reference Blob Attribute "correlation" in a CLIC expression because it has the same name as CLIC function "CORRELATION()"
  • Changed Font setting did not apply when configure Legends or Auto Text
  • Add a Spectrum option dialog changed zoom on MS Viewer
  • Spectral Color Map failed on 3D View with Maximum resolution
  • Zoom then Refresh 3D View used wrong bounding box
  • Uncaught exception when an invalid phase shift value was given
  • Exception when adding to Batch without selecting any image in a project
  • Open Image with a new GC Image instance could open two images at a time
  • Export Image as Text Method showed ".csv" instead of ".txt" in file format labels
  • No error reported and corrupted report file saved for Internal Standard Calibration with 0 response
  • Did not ask for saving when closing image after editing multiple template peaks' properties
  • Failed to migrating settings from a manually chosen installation
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