GC Image 2.5 Alpha Now Available for Registered Users

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GC Image 2.5 Alpha Now Available for Registered Users

Post by qtao » August 13th, 2014, 11:04 am

We are pleased to provide early access to the 2.5 Alpha release of GC Image for registered users of the User Forum. This alpha release is a development version for more adventurous users who are willing to experiment with new features. The new features are not considered stable and may or may not be included in a future beta and final release.

Whats New:
  • QA Rapid Screen
  • New and Improved Operations and Support for HRMS
  • New and Improved Operations for Data Processing
  • Enhanced User Interfaces for Template Transformations
  • New and Improved Operations in Image Investigator
  • New Support for 3D Modeling and Visualizations including 3D Fly-by Videos
  • New and Improved Support for Slice Report (SIMDIS)

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