Maintenance Package R2.5 Update b1 Now Available

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Maintenance Package R2.5 Update b1 Now Available

Post by qtao » November 6th, 2014, 6:22 pm

GC Image Release 2.5b1 includes important improvements and critical bug fixes over previous R2.5 releases.

  • Improved performance for 4-step gradient baseline correction
  • Improved performance for Formula Calculator with profile spectra and high-order profile peak models
  • A new set of CLIC functions that support accurate masses backed by MS Data Binning settings directly including:

    Code: Select all

    AOrdinal(), AIntensity(), ARelative(), APercent(), and AMassRank()
  • Better UI for saving settings from Interactive Blob Detection
  • New Tools menus that support customized plugins
Bug Fixes:
  • Unable to start the Image program after deleting a review configuration
  • Configuration files exported from R2.5 alpha versions were not imported correctly
  • Quantifier/Qualifier response settings were not exported with other configuration settings
  • Import and then Cancel breaks all updating operations for configuration settings afterwards
  • Scalar Operations in the MS Viewer changed the original spectrum unexpectedly
  • CLIC: Match() did not give correct result for a spectrum with non-integer masses
  • Generate CLIC Image returned empty chromatogram for "Match(<MS>)"
  • Random crash in the CLIC tool of 64-bit versions
  • SIC opened from MS Cube did not have correct color value mapping
  • 1D View showed wrong column profile when being opened first time
  • BP was default to 0 instead of undefined when adding a new record to Compound Library
  • Image Investigator did not remember PCA and Bubble Chart settings
  • Uncaught exception when saving a XLS report with too many rows

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