Maintenance Package R2.5 Update b3 Now Available

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Maintenance Package R2.5 Update b3 Now Available

Post by qtao » March 16th, 2015, 4:15 pm

GC Image Release 2.5b3 includes important improvements and critical bug fixes over previous R2.5 releases.

  • Improved performance of uniform MS data binning for high precision masses
  • Formula Calculator now uses the user-specified Tolerance field for both filtering formula and matching isotopes
Bug Fixes:
  • Default MS Baseline Correction failed for some small images
  • Apply Template added Text and Chemical Structure of unmatched peaks
  • Uncaught Exception when Template Matching is canceled
  • Save 3D View as PNG saved the closed dialog in front on Win 7 or Win 8
  • Saved images with only start and end LRI indices set could not be opened correctly
  • Undo Merge Blobs did not refresh Blob Table immediately
  • Dragging Select column in Hit List Table caused wrong display
  • Could configure hit list size to 0 and then library search failed
  • NIST ID changed after search on Wiley, save, and reopen the file
  • Zero intensities were removed from Blob UV spectra.
  • Uniform Bin setting gave inaccurate results for masses with negative intensities
  • Dynamic Bin left some intensities unbinned sometimes
  • CLIC functions did not handle non-default rounding parameter for integer mass
  • Isotope Table in Formula Calculator reported mass differences different from Formula Table for some centroid types
  • Isotope Table in Formula Calculator did not show the correct matching profile peaks for isotopes sometimes
  • Isotope Table in Formula Calculator was editable
  • Editing the Show Profile Data When Available setting did not work
Note: Starting from R2.5b3, supports for data files acquired with GCxGC instruments will not be available with LCxLC editions by default. If you want to obtain additional supports, or encounter any problem, please contact us.

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