Maintenance Package R2.5 Update b4 Now Available

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Maintenance Package R2.5 Update b4 Now Available

Post by qtao » August 1st, 2015, 8:05 pm

GC Image Release 2.5b4 includes important improvements and critical bug fixes over previous R2.5 releases.

  • Automatically set modulation period, if available, for Agilent data files acquired with OpenLab
  • Support importing mzXML files with flat MS1 + MS2 data elements
  • HRMS: Use 50% peak width by default when centroiding profile spectra
  • HRMS: Better performance on refreshing Blob Table with more than one HRMS CLIC columns
  • HRMS: Faster scanning possible formulas in Formula Calculator
Bug Fixes:
  • Failed to import some Shimadzu MS/MS data files
  • Failed to read some metadata from OpenLab .D folders
  • Project: Import Files failed to copy OpenLab .D folders because of hidden files
  • Failed to subtract a spectrum from a MS data with time values
  • Phase shift did not update area objects
  • Remainder was not 0 in Slice Report for the entire chromatogram with excluded regions
  • Remainder was negative in Slice Report with overlapping included graphics
  • Failed to open Blob Set Table first when Blob Table has CLIC columns
  • Uncaught Exception when canceling the generation of a CLIC Image
  • Failed to compute some CLIC with long-type values such as "AMASSRANK(1)-Round(AMASSRANK(1))"
  • Some properties of a clipped polygon were not copied when applying a template.
  • Bicubic interpolation produced pixelated image in 64-bit versions
  • Scale changed slightly after save and reopen an image
  • Blob Analysis UI would be frozen when performing PCA without any blob
  • Parts of Colorize UI missing for high DPI display settings in Win 7 or later
  • Failed to sort and then delete some rows in Compound Library
  • Wrong do parameter names for Transform Template command in Journal
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