Maintenance Package R2.6 Update b1 Now Available

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Maintenance Package R2.6 Update b1 Now Available

Post by qtao » July 25th, 2016, 11:51 am

GC Image and LC Image Release 2.6b1 include important improvements and critical bug fixes over previous R2.6 releases.

  • The locale of the software now defaults to English to avoid issues caused by locales with comma decimal separator.
  • Support for 32-bit Windows will end soon. R2.6 will be the last version supporting 32-bit.
  • Initial support of Waters MassLynx Raw data files in LC Image
  • Allow interpolation when importing single-channel data with scan acquisition times
  • A new blob attribute, Volume(w), that reports sum of sample values that are greater than or equal to w% of peak value
  • Retrieve base peaks for library hits in the Hit List table
  • Retrieve high-res spectra from NIST14 library search if available
  • Support new In-source HiRes search type for Interactive mode of NIST14 library search
  • OK and View MS button allows to open the blob spectrum directly from Blob Properties dialog
  • Set monoisotopic mass abundance as 100% for both EM abundance and MM abundance in Formula Calculator's Isotope Table
  • A new set of CLIC functions that can evaluate isotope pattern match quality between accurate masses and expected formulas including:

    Code: Select all

    IsotopeMatches( "<Formula>", <Tolerance> )
    IsotopeSimilarity( "<Formula>", <Tolerance>, "RSQ"|"MATCH"|"RMATCH" )
Bug Fixes:
  • 1D View showed jagged lines with time axis for sampling rates smaller than 1Hz
  • Could not import Thermo (.raw) files with French locale
  • Export Profile Data from JEOL (.7rw - TPC) to Centroid did not work with German locale
  • Could not import JEOL (.7rw - TPC) files with French locale
  • Unsupported types were shown in NIST library search settings for Batch mode
  • Closing NIST configure warning needed double click
  • "null" was displayed after the first blob ID in the journal of library search operations
  • Open Image and Blob Table always reported an error for a bad aCLIC
  • aCLIC Result columns in Blob Table were initialized to 0 instead of NaN
  • Spelling error in the description of CLIC function, REMAINDER()
  • Missing Resource for the error message reported by Tools -> Manage Plugins...
  • Spelling error in "​Implementation Version"​ column header of Tools -> Manage Plugins...

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