New GC Image and LC Image Software Release Schedule

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New GC Image and LC Image Software Release Schedule

Post by qtao » September 28th, 2017, 3:06 pm

Starting from Version 2.7, GC Image and LC Image software follow a three-times per year update cycle. Updates to current version will be released in October and February, and a new version will be released in June/July. Each update delivers both new features and bug fixes for current version.

This new release schedule has the benefits of:
  • Quicker responses to requests for new features and bug fixes.
  • A predictable schedule for you to test and update the software.
  • Improved backward compatibility due to incremental updates.
Before each release, the access to a pre-release of the upcoming update will be posted in the user forum. The pre-release lets you test what has changed in the new update, report any problem, and plan accordingly.

Bug Fixes:
Critical bug fixes will be provided as needed between major updates. Please contact us to report any problems or bugs in the current releases.

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