GC Image 2.7R2 Beta Now Available for Registered Users

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GC Image 2.7R2 Beta Now Available for Registered Users

Post by cheble » September 29th, 2017, 4:41 pm

We are pleased to provide early access to Version 2.7R2 Beta of GC Image and LC Image for public testing. This beta release includes bug fixes, and new features and improvements. The new features are considered stable but may have known problems that will be fixed in the final release.

What's New:
New Library Search Features
  • Support In-source HiRes (Identity) search type for Batch search mode.
  • Support NIST Library Search Presearch settings: Default, Fast, and Off
  • New Multi-Spectral Filter settings for Search Library:
    • Integrating spectra at % Apex: Integrate spectra with TIC values reaching at the specified percent of the apex of a blob or an area.
    • Background Removal: Options for None, Start, Start and End: Determines which portion of the blob to be used as a baseline for correcting library spectra.
    • Ordinal Limit: Limit the search spectra to the largest number of intensities.
    • Intensity Threshold: Limit the search spectra to intensities greater than the specified threshold.
    • Range Limit: Limit the search spectra to the specified spectral range.
  • Blob's current Hit List is loaded in MS Viewer when viewing a peak or blob spectrum.
  • New Select column in the MS Viewer's Hit List table that shows which hit is selected clearly.
  • Non-existent RI values in library search results are now displayed as empty instead of -1.
Other Improvements
  • Allow configuring the default MS mode to be Context, Point, Peak, or Blob/Area.
  • MS Context mode now shows the Point spectrum in addition to Peak and Blob/Area spectra.
  • MS Context mode now shows recalibrated spectra for all spectra.
  • Improved default color scheme for spectra in the MS Viewer.
  • New option to open the chromatogram saved by Export Recalibrated Centroid Image or Export Profile Data to Centroid.
  • New OK button in Configure > Mass Calibration Model that allows quick export of a recalibrated chromatogram.
  • Better zoom support for small chromatograms such as ones acquired with heart-cutting.
Bug Fixes:
  • Project > Vial > Delete Record threw an exception on an empty amount table.
  • Random socket access problem when importing Wiff files.
  • Could not draw a graphic (rectangle, polygon, and polyline) to the boundaries of a chromatogram.
  • Batch library search failed on very large spectra with unexpected error: -1073741819.
  • Interactive library search retrieved RI without considering the "Use other non-polar column type..." option.
  • Importing an old-version configuration did not set correct defaults for new library search settings.
  • Wrong error message was shown when Configure > NIST Post Search constraints.
  • MS Viewer's Spectrum List was not always visible after recalibrating a spectrum.
  • MS Cube loaded and saved a SIC table with formulas incorrectly.

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