How can I remove a mass peak(s) from my chromatogram?

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How can I remove a mass peak(s) from my chromatogram?

Post by tjanke » December 7th, 2012, 3:23 pm

My chromatogram has a distracting background from CO2 and Oxygen leakage. How can I remove these unwanted mass peaks from the image?

You can filter mass peaks from a chromatogram during import.
To do this:
  • File > Import Image
  • Select the desired chromatogram with the file chooser
  • In the import dialog, select the General tab
  • In the Multi-Spectral Filter section, check Range Limit
  • Type the desired range, for example: 0-43,45-70,72-400 (This will filter out m/z=44,71)
You can save a SIC Image with the undesired mass peaks filtered out.
To do this:
  • Open a spectrum in the MS Viewer
  • Select the m/z sub range (Ex. 0-43,45-70,72-400)
  • Click the Open SIC button
  • Make sure the SIC window is the active window
  • File > Save As
  • Save the image to a new location
  • Open this new image (the unwanted mass peaks should be in the image)
For more info on generating a Selected Ion Chromatogram (SIC) see:

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