GC Image Users' Guide

New Features and Improvements in Release 1.8

GC Image Release 1.8 (January 2007) has many new features and improvements. See the GC Image Users' Guide for full documentation.

Simple Reports in GC Image and GC Project

Now it is easy to generate Simple Reports in GC Image and GC Project. Simple Reports provide summary information about a single 2D chromatogram, with selectable sections for metadata, image view, blob table, and blob set table. Simple Reports can be generated from GC Image, from GC Project, and with GC Project automated Process Runs and AutoProcessing.

Additional Quantitation Support

GC Image R1.8 has additional support for quantitation. Processed images now may reference external files for composition/amount tables and calibration tables. In previous versions, composition/amount tables were maintained in the GC Project Vial structure and calibration tables were determined from the Batch specified in the GC Project report configuration. R1.8 still uses Vials for composition/amount tables and Batches for calibration tables, but images can contain external references so that calibration can be performed in GC Image (for a single image) as well as in GC Project (for one or more images).

Blob Table and Blob Set Table Improvements

GC Image R1.8 has several improvements of blob tables and blob set tables.

Improved journaling, scripting, and reporting

Improvements in templates and template matching

New and Improved Operations

New and Improved Visualization

Improved Performance

New and Improved I/O Support

The people of GC Image welcome your suggestions of new features, your comments about existing features and documentation, and reports of any problems. We strive to make GC Image meet the needs of our users in their many GCxGC applications.

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