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New Features and Improvements in Release 1.9

GC Image Release 1.9 (January 2008) has many new features and improvements.  See the GC Image Users' Guide for full documentation.

Area Objects

In GC Image R1.9, rectangle and polygon objects can be flagged as areas for reporting.  An area object can be used to indicate a region of pixels for a chemical(s) for reporting.  Area objects have the graphic shape metadata and most of computed attributes of blobs (i.e., the attributes in the blobs table).


GC Image R1.9 has several improvements for the Computer Language for Identifying Chemicals (CLIC)™:

MS Arithmetic Operations

GC Image R1.9 now supports point-wise and mass/z-wise Arithmetic Operations between two GCxGC-MS images and between GCxGC and GCxGC-MS images.

Summary Reports in GC Image and GC Project

In GC Image R1.9, Summary Reports replace Simple Reports, providing improved reporting in GC Image and GC Project. Summary Reports provide summary information about multiple 2D chromatograms, with selectable sections for metadata, image view, blob table, blob set table, excluded blob table, and area table.  Summary Reports can be generated from GC Image, from GC Project, and from automated processing in Import, Process Runs, and Auto Processing. Among the improvements in GC Image R1.9 Summary Reports:

GC Project Wizard

GC Image R1.9 has a GC Project Wizard that guides users step-by-step in creating a project.

Improved GC Project

GC Image R1.9 has an improved GC Project which:

Sequence Tables

GC Image R1.9 supports sequence tables in GC Project. GC Project provides a spreadsheet interface to edit sequence tables and use sequence tables to automatically processing runs and associate runs with vials. GC Project can export sequence tables in CSV and XML formats, which can be imported by Agilent ChemStation. GC Project can import sequence information from Agilent ChemStation and Shimadzu GCMSsolution.

Blob Table and Blob Set Table Improvements

GC Image R1.9 has several improvements of blob tables and blob set tables.

New and Improved Operations

New and Improved Visualization

New and Improved I/O Support

The people of GC Image welcome your suggestions of new features, your comments about existing features and documentation, and reports of any problems. We strive to make GC Image meet the needs of our users in their many GCxGC applications.

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