GC Image LCxLC Edition Users' Guide

New Features and Improvements in Version 2020

GC Image LCxLC Edition 2020 has many new features and improvements. See the GC Image LCxLC Edition Users' Guide for full documentation.

What's New in Version 2020 Release 1.1 (September 2020)

Support for NIST 2020 MS and MS/MS Libraries

Version 2020R1.1 has an updated batch search interface that is fully compatible with the latest NIST 2020 libraries including the updated RI library, and the new MS/MS libraries that double in coverage.

What's New in Version 2020 Release 1 (July 2020)

Improved 64-bit Performance

Version 2020R1 includes a new 64-bit framework that provides improved performance and system stability for all operations when processing data larger than 2GB. Due to the new framework, the software no longer supports the Microsoft Windows Vista or older operating systems.

Command Line Interface for Batch Processing and Advanced Workflows

Version 2020R1 introduces the Command Line interface that allows processing a single raw data file or re-processing a chromatographic image with a Method or scripting. The interface can be used to create workflows that integrate multiple tools or software for automating routine analysis or complicated processing with a large number of data files.

The Command Line Interface

New Improvements for Retention Index Calibration

Version 2020R1 has new improvements on generic retention index calibration especially for batch processing, including:

In addition, the software now supports

Version 2020R1 has new options for molecular weight calibration with GPC, including:

New and Improved Support for Extracting Ion Peaks

Version 2020R1 has two new filters for Processing > Extract Ion Peaks as Areas:

The operation now can be added to a Method, and supported by batch processing with Project or the Command Line interface.

In addition, the Context MS mode has the following improvements to make it easier to examine spectra deconvolved by the operation, including:

Extract Ion Peaks with Method

New Improvements for Investigator

Version 2020R1 has new improvements for Investigator, including:

Other New Improvements

Version 2020R1 has other improved operations, including: