Version 2.7R2 and Update Packages Now Available

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Version 2.7R2 and Update Packages Now Available

Post by qtao » October 31st, 2017, 12:47 pm

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 2.7 Release 2 (v2.7r2) for GC Image and LC Image. This latest release includes new features, improvements, and critical bug fixes over previous 2.7 releases.

What's New: (for GCxGC, for LCxLC)
  • Improved Support for Heart-Cutting, Variable Modulation, and 2D-LC (for LC Image only)
  • Improved Support for Retention Index Calibration
  • New Improvements for Mass Spectra Viewing and Centroiding
  • New Library Search Features
Bug Fixes:
  • "j3dcore-d3d" error when opening 3D View in 32-bit versions.
  • Random socket access problem when importing Wiff files.
  • Batch library search failed on very large spectra with unexpected error: -1073741819.
  • Interactive library search retrieved RI without considering the "Use other non-polar column type..." option.
  • Importing an old-version configuration did not set correct defaults for new library search settings.
  • Wrong error message was shown when Configure > NIST Post Search constraints.
  • MS Viewer's Spectrum List was not always visible after recalibrating a spectrum.
  • MS Cube loaded and saved a SIC table with formulas incorrectly.
  • Project > Vial > Delete Record threw an exception on an empty amount table.
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