GC Image GCxGC Edition Users' Guide

Release 2020 Trial Software Installation Instructions

Follow these steps to install a trial version of GC Image GCxGC Edition software, Release 2020. [In particular, note Step 6.]

For the GC Image GCxGC Edition software trial version, you will need a trial activation code. After completing Steps 1-6, contact:

with your trial license number, which will be displayed when your first run the software.

  1. Download the current trial version release of the software from:
    or request a CDROM from:
  2. Run the downloaded exe file (or the setup.exe file from the CDROM).

  3. Read and agree to the license terms.

  4. Choose an installation folder. We recommend that you do not install the software in the Program Files folder (or other system folder).

  5. If desired, you may install the NIST MS search software and demonstration library. If not desired, you may cancel their installations.

  6. Execute "GC Image" from the GC Image GCxGC Edition program group in the "Start" menu (or from the bin folder in the GC Image GCxGC Edition installation folder). The prompt will display three license options. Choose the trial option and then the program will provide your trial license number and require you to enter your activation code. To obtain your activation code, contact:

    The first time you execute your new version, you will be asked whether or not you wish to import settings from a previous installation. This question is not asked subsequently.
Your installation should now be complete. If you encounter licensing or technical problems, contact: