GC Image GCxGC Edition Users' Guide

GC Image GCxGC Edition is designed for visualizing, processing, analyzing, and reporting on data produced by two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC). GC Image GCxGC Edition Version 2020 (July 2020) is now available. A license and USB key are required for execution. A temporary soft-key trial license also is available.

GCxGC produces information-rich data that poses complex processing and informatics challenges. We welcome your comments and questions about the software and documentation and your suggestions about new and improved features to assist users in analyzing data. Please forward comments and suggestions to GC Image, LLC.


  1. Introduction
  2. Installation and Start-Up
  3. Image Viewer
  4. File Input and Output
  5. Visualizing Image Data
  6. Preprocessing
  7. Peak Detection
  8. Blob Analysis
  9. Graphics and Areas
  10. Meshes
  11. Text and Chemical Structure Annotations
  12. GCxGC-MS Data Processing and Analysis
  13. High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Data Processing and Analysis
  14. Chemical Identification
  15. Comparative Analysis and Visualization
  16. QA Rapid Screen
  17. Configurations
  18. Operation Journals, Scripting, and Methods
  19. Project Management
  20. Working with Project Components
  21. Understanding Workflow Steps
  22. Quantification
  23. Reports
  24. Help Resources

Contact Information

For licensing or technical information about GC Image GCxGC Edition, contact:

GC Image, LLC
PO Box 57403
Lincoln, NE 68505-7403 USA

Email: info@gcimage.com
URL: http://www.gcimage.com