GC Image Users' Guide

New Features and Improvements in Release 2.1

GC Image Release 2.1 (March 2010) has many new features and improvements. See the GC Image Users' Guide for full documentation.

High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry

GC Image R2.1 introduces a new version for high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS). This version supports:

New and Improved MS Viewing and Operations

GC Image R2.1 has significant improvements for MS data analysis.

The MS Viewer now supports:

GC Image R2.1 introduces a Batch Mode for library search with search performance up to ten times faster than Interactive Mode.

New Tools for Graphics and Meshes

GC Image R2.1 introduces several new and improved features for editing graphics and meshes.

New and Improved Reporting

GC Image R2.1 introduces new user controls for customizing summary reports and other reports.

The Blob Set Table allows user control of which columns are included and the order in which the included columns are listed.

The Summary Report now supports:

Image Investigator™

GC Image R2.1 introduces a new interface, Image Investigator™, which allows users to analyze multiple chromatograms interactively. Image Investigator allows users to compare chromatograms, blobs, areas, and blob sets from a set of chromatograms, and examine the statistical characteristics and trends. In later releases, Image Investigator will be enhanced with capabilities for clustering, classification, and fingerprinting. The existing Image Comparison tool, which supports pairwise chromatographic comparisons, also is included in GC Image R2.1.

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

GC Image R2.1 has several improvements for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

New and Improved Visualization

In GC Image R2.1, the Image Viewer provides several new visualization features.

New and Improved I/O Support

GC Image R2.1 has new and improved I/O facilities.

Other New and Improved Operations

GC Image R2.1 has many other improvements, including:

The people of GC Image welcome your suggestions of new features, your comments about existing features and documentation, and reports of any problems. We strive to make GC Image meet the needs of our users in their many varied applications.