MDC Investigator

An unequaled data analysis toolkit for multidimensional chromatography (MDC).

MDC Investigator provides a software suite designed for customization to user-specific multidimensional chromatography (MDC) applications, with tools for data visualization, processing, analysis, multisample comparisons, and reporting.

MDC Investigator can be fully customized to suit user-specific needs through plugins. If you would like to know more on how MDC Investigator can be adapted to your applications, or integrated into your existing workflows, please contact us.

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Flexible and Broad Support for Data Inputs

Import your data from many chromatographic, mass spectral, and UV inputs, and standard data tables and formats.

Batch Processing with Command-Line Interface

Automate advanced processing for a faster analysis across multiple samples and comparing chromatograms, peaks, and peak sets.

Multifaceted Visualization & Data Review

Inspect results quickly with a variety of interactive visualizations including 1D graphs, 2D plots, chromatogram views, and tabular views.

Advanced Peak Alignment, Identification & Analysis

Identify chromatographic patterns and spectral signatures with highly effective chemical identification, advanced peak alignment, and across-sample analysis technologies.

Investigator Workflow for Multi-Sample Analysis

Analysis Workflow

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