LCxLC Software Support

New LCxLC Software licensees are provided an online orientation by GC Image, LLC, via a live, online sessions in which users can see the software in interactive, real-time operation and participate in a simultaneous teleconference.  LCxLC Software license purchases include one year of free customer support and product maintenance.  Customers may contact our staff with support requests by email or telephone.  (See Contacts.)  Subsequent annual support and maintanence contracts are available from GC Image, LLC.  Users with active licenses are invited to participate in scheduled interactive, online webinars.

LCxLC produces rich data that poses complex processing problems.  LCxLC Software includes extensive documentation, including a Users' Guide, many Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and video tutorials.  (See Documentation.)  LCxLC Software has a convenient mechanism for directly submitting incident reports (e.g., for bugs, unclear documentation, or desired features).  We welcome comments and questions about the software and documentation and suggestions about new and improved features to assist users in processing LCxLC data.  (See Contacts.)